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Brian Moore Draws

Printed Book: Goodbye Little Pointy Teeth

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Image of Printed Book: Goodbye Little Pointy Teeth

ON SALE! A bored cartoon character turns to crime ... exiled monsters trudge across the universe ... a demonic company man faces his greatest fear: a promotion ... These and other tales of inhuman dignity await you in this collection of cartoon stories. 48 page perfect bound book, color and b/w interior art.

"In another dimension, Brian Moore’s Goodbye Little Pointy Teeth would be enjoyed at bedtimes around the world, its subversive morals expanding the minds of an eager generation. ..." - Paul Mirek, Broken Frontier

"Brian Moore is brilliant. Apparently, Goodbye Little Pointy Teeth is his debut comic collection, and it’s gorgeous ..." - Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

Choose the unadorned book, or one with a small sketch and signature.

NEW - also available as a PDF for those who prefer digital files!